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CNC machine centre HOMAG BAZ 41 / K Joker
Year 2000

Working area X 3000
Workspace Y 1200
Working dimension Z 200
Number of milling spindles 1
Main motor kW 12
Tool changing positions 12
Borer vertical 17
Banding exchange unit
Machine table console table
Chip conveyor Yes
WOODWOP Software 4.0
Machine control HOMATIC NC 83
Gluing 360 Yes
Feed max m / min 60
Speed U max / min 18000
Tool clamping system HSK-F63
Torque arm Yes
Saw unit change unit
Edgeband height max mm 65
vacuum pump
Capacity vacuum pump m / h 100
CE mark
Space lxwxh 7550x3750x2400
Weight kg 4200


BIesse Arrow FT

year 2004

Technical specifications

Working dimension X=3220
Working dimension Y=1600
Working dimension Z=300
2 router heads
Main motor kW 11
Tool changing positions2 x 10
Boring unit with 18 drilling positions
Portal machine with 2 moving tables
Matrix table
Suitable for nesting
Rotation speed max rpm 20000
Tool clamping system HSK63F
Torque support
Capacity vacuum pump m/h 500
Safety deviceShut-off mat
Total connection kW 52
Weight 7200 KgE


BIesse Rover 22, year 2002

Serial No: 26574
Year: 2002

3 Axis  ISO Electrospindle
7 place tool changer on head
4 horizontal boring spindles (2 in X / 2 in Y)
6 ATS rails (with electronic read out)
18 Vac modules (3 x per rail)
XNC Controller




year 2001

Machine: Biesse Rover 30 L2 

L: working field in "X"=4432 mm

For              Routing: (SLOT A) Y=1093 MM (SLOT B) Y=1641.5 MM
For Boring:                                                     Y-1424 MM
Max. Thickness for loadable piece: Z=200 MM
the thick monolithic structure in electrowelded ribbed steel, the great distance between the "x" axis linear guides and the wide supporting base grant the maximum stability, precision and fmish during the performance of the heaviest workings.
- movable beam:
the beam moves along the "x" axis, and carries the operating unit, which is movable along the "y" and "z" axes".
-movement along the "x","y" and "z" axes on high precision linear guides and ball runners;
- brushless motor and ground rack with inclined teeth and preloaded pinion for backlash compensation for the movement along the "x" and "y" axes;
-brushless motor and hardened ground ball screw for the movement along the "z" axis; - pneumatic balancing device for the vertical movement of the operating unit.
The machine work table, designed for a quick and
easy set-up, is composed of:
- nr. 8 panel supports (length = 1580 mm).
each support slides on hardened, ground
round bars and on 4 ball couplings. the
locking is performed by 2 cylinders which
push against the round bars, and is
controlled by a push-button placed in front
of the panel support;
- nr. 2 fixed supports on which the side stops slide;

- nr. 8 back stops with pneumatic lowering, controlled by n.c.;
- double work station with 8 stops with pneumatic lowering, controlled by n.c.;
- nr. 4 side stops (21h + 2 rh) with
pneumatic lowering, controlled by n.c. and movable along the "y" axis;
- nr, 4 central stops (2 lh + 2 rh) with
pneumatic lowering, controlled by n.c.and movable along the "y" axis;
- nr. 8 bar supports to facilitate the loading of heavy and/or big panels;
- nr.1 metric scale along the "x" axis for the correct positioning of the panel supports;
- nr. 8 metric scales along the "y" axis for the correct positioning of the panel locking system;
panel locking system consisting of 24 jigs with pneumatic unlocking, manually adjustable (nr. 16 with dim. 160x160x30h and nr. 8 with dim. 160x80x30h); the surface of these jigs is grooved, so as to define the configuration of the vacuum area according to the dimensions and shape of the piece to be locked. each jig is equipped with rubber cylinders with a high coefficient of friction, which make the ciamping of pieces much more effective;
- nr. 12 clamping units for the locking of narrow pieces. if fitted on the standard stops they allow the locking of narrow pieces, through the aid of a special work cycle;
- 100 m3/h vacuum pump;
- auxiliary vacuum system for special jigs.
The operating unit is composed of:
- nr. 1 boring unit with 20 independent vertical spindles at 32 mm centerdistance, 10 of which are placed along "x" and 10 along "y" (for borings on the top side of the panel);
nr. 4 independent horizontal spindles with double outlet at 32 mm centerdistance, 3 of which are placed along "x" and 1 along "y" (to perform horizontal borings on the 4 panel sides);
nr. 1 7.8 kw (10.5 hp) routing unit (12.000 rpm) with iso 30 adaptor, assembled in slot



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