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FELDER RL 200 filtersystem, 2012

year:  2012
GS +H3 certificerad
3x 400 V, 5,5 HP, 4 kW
Manuell filtercleaning
Volume 4000m3
filter area 20m3
2 x 200 liters
connnection 200mm
380 Kg

3.590.- EURO EXW  Germany


Holzmann ABS 4560 dust collector, new !
year 2009
stable sheet metal construction and excellent flow perfomance
the moving device ensures an easy movement around the workshop
resistent riveted metal fan
big chip bag capacity therefore low maintenance rate
huge power through big dust surface
steady suction performance
perfect cost-performance ratio
high suction performance caused by huge filter surface
moving device allows an easy movment around the workshop 

769.- EURO


Spänex, 1980
Exhaust system, motor size 4,0 kw, the machine's motors are rated at 400 volts,
shavings exhaust: min. 3800 cubic m per hour, filterarea 24,0 m2 ,
length 2800 mm., machine height 3800 mm..

utsugninganläggning , volymstrom 3800m3/h,  motor 4,0kw, utsugningsanslut 250mm,
filterytan ca. 24m2, spånsäck sammanlagd 800 ltr. ,längd 2800mm
höjd 3800mm

Purunpoistolaitteisto uusi kone, Moottorin teho 4,0 kw,
Koneen moottori toimii 400 voltin jännitteellä,
Lastunpoisto: min. 3800 m3/tunti

990.- EURO


FELDER RL 160 spånsug , 2005

Tillverkningsår:  2005
GS +H3 certificerad ( modell är lika som nyaste RL 160 )
3x 400 V, 4,0 HP, 3 kW
Manuell filterrensing
Volym 3200m3

2.490.- EURO EXW  Finland

FELDER RL160_2005_homepage

Vacuum hose

100mm      15.- EURO /m
120mm      18.- EURO/ m
140mm      22.- EURO/ m


Strömberg fan

Motor Power: 5,5 Kw, 7 HP
-15.4 Amp, 1440r pm
Volume performance: 5000-6000 m³ / h
Port Input Ø 390 mm
Port output Ø 300 x 400 mm
technically checked
in good condition

490.- EURO EXW Finland


Holzmann Strömdahl Spänex Schuko Felder RL 160 Felder RL 200 Felder AF 22 Exhauter Filter Fan Vaccum hose Holzman ABS 4560  dust collector Filter system

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